The Jack-O-Lantern (or Jacko) is Dartmouth's humor magazine. They publish weekly articles which can be found at http://www.dartmouth.edu/~jacko/v2/category/weekly/, as well as print issues every term (or so), and a fake version of The Dartmouth (called The Dartmovth) every year (or so). The Jack-O also sometimes makes humorous videos, including the iconic "Drinkin' Time" (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=avYUL1A-WUM&list=UUfXVnV34vXdZr23YgPBSAag&index=3&feature=plcp)


The Jack-O is responsible for Keggy, Dartmouth unofficial mascot, the anthropomorphic keg. Keggy shows up every so often at a variety of events, including the Polar Bear plunge, Dimensions weekend, and athletic events, when they'll let him in. One a year, the Jack-O prints and sells a shirt featuring Keggy.


For more information, blitz Jack-O-Lantern@Dartmouth.EDU.
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