International Students Association (ISA)


The Dartmouth International Students' Association (ISA) is a campus group representing the interests of D.'s international students and organizing campus-wide programming promoting the sense of international understanding. We are also managing the Dartmouth International Alumni Network (DIAN) for all alumni who have a global life-beyond-Dartmouth experience. We will continue to strengthen the strengthen the connection between current Dartmouth and Dartmouth clubs all over the world.

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President: Iraday Zhecheng Yao
VP:           Sakina Abu Boakye; Anwita V. Mahajan; Yoon Kim
recruitment chair and treasurer: James (Liu Chengyu)

public relation chair: Ahsan Azim
design division chair:Luisa N. Vasquez Gutierrezdesign division sports vice chair: Jack (Chaoran Cheng)diversity & community service chair: Yining Chendiversity & community service vice chair: Maggie S. Bardgeneral secretary: Rongfei Lusecretary for communication: Weijia secretary for outreach: Jingwen Liu

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