Friday Night Rock (FNR)

Back in 2004, a group of students fed up with the lack of live music in Hanover decided to do something about it. They gathered their friends’ bands, booked FUEL, and put on an open concert. After the event’s success, they booked another show, and another. They decided to call themselves Friday Night Rock, after the ROCK concerts they’d plan on FRIDAY NIGHTS. (But sometimes it’s Saturday Night Rap…hi Danny Brown). Over time, the bands got bigger and the audiences grew, and FNR became what it is today, bringing performers big and small from around the country to campus, and providing campus bands a real club venue to show their stuff. We strive to bring some diversity to the social scene at Dartmouth, providing a truly welcoming and energetic alternative social space.
Past shows include:
»> The Mountain Goats
»> Of Montreal
»> Sleigh Bells
»> Ted Leo and the Pharmacists
»> Yes Giantess
»> School of Seven Bells
»>Titus Andronicus

Shows happen 3-5 times per term, on Friday nights at 9:30 in FUEL (basement of Collis) and are open to anyone with a Dartmouth ID.

—Free Music
—Free Snacks
—Free Beer (21+)
—Endless Good Times

Come on out! Bring your friends! We’d love to see you at our shows! 

*Anyone interested in getting involved should COME TO MEETINGS on Tuesday nights at 10 PM, Collis 212. Blitz “FNR” for info or to get on the blitzlist!

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