French Club

Francofolie at Dartmouth (French Club Events) - Spring 2012

April, 4th:  European Night at 8 in One Wheelock  
April, 12th:  Crêpes Party at 6.30 in Hitchcock Hall  
April, 19th:  Film: 1st film of the cycle French Women Filmmakers (Thornton 105)  
April, 25nd:  French-Italian Art Exhibition at the Hood Museum  
May, 3rd:  Board Games Night at 6.30 in Hitchcock Hall  
May, 10th:  2nd Film of our cycle (Thornton 105)  
May, 16th:  3rd Film of our cycle (Thornton 105)  
May, 17th:  Coffee time get-together in Dartmouth Hall: meeting the professors  
May, 14th:  Music Party in Hitchcock Hall


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