Dog Day Players

About Us

We're Dartmouth's oldest improv group, specializing in longform improvisational comedy. When we're not performing at frats and sororities on campus, we're regular participants in Harvard's Immediate Gratification Players' annual improv festival, went on our first tour in Fall 2011, and won the ImprovBoston Collegiate Beanpot in Winter 2011. 

We hold auditions every fall. If you can't make it to auditions, please let us know so we can try and accommodate you that term - we do not hold auditions in other terms.


Chris Whitehead '12
Alexi Pappas '12
Henry Hutcheson '12
Parker Phinney '12
Priya Shanmugam '13
Luke Murphy '13
Sean Kaufman '13
Chase Klein '14
Amelia Acosta '14
Alex Rowe '14
Mike Haughey '15
Alec Ring '15
Molly Chodakewitz '15


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