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Two score and six years ago (read: In 1984), twelve people got together and said, "Ya know what we need? More music, less background." The Dodecaphonics were born. 

The Dartmouth Dodecaphonics is the College's oldest and premier co-ed a cappella group. Affectionately called "The Dodecs," we sing music of all types - - 80's, rock, contemporary pop, face-melting ballads, Dartmouth traditionals, etc. 

We are an extremely diverse group of students bringing with us an incredible variety of interests, talents, abilities and strengths. Our majors range from Computer Science to Studio Art, hometowns from Midland, TX to Bangalore, India, and heights from 5'0" to 6'4". Yes, we are a true melting pot of a cappella. etc. 

Some additional facts about the Dodecs: We were the first a cappella group at Dartmouth to be recognized on Best of College A Cappella, a nationally-recognized compilation CD. We have also opened for Bobby McFerrin, been a featured performing group at Disneyworld in Orlando, and toured throughout the United States and even the world. We are at least ICCA semifinalists every time we've competed. We recently sang in Lincoln Center to honor our now past-president and first lady, Jim and Susan Wright. We were also invited by Former Dartmouth College President Kim to travel to San Francisco to perform at an event celebrating the completion of the Campaign for the Dartmouth Experience (a $1.3Billion fundraising campaign) and to meet and mingle with alumni. We were even chosen as the opener for the 2008 MSNBC-televised Democratic Presidential Primary Debate AND the 2012 Bloomberg Republican Presidential Primary Debate at Dartmouth, where we were lauded for our warm sound...and our good looks.


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