Dartmouth Undergraduate Journal of Science (DUJS)

Editorial Board, Spring 2013

President- Daniel Lee '13
EIC- Yoo Jung Kim '14
Managing Editors: Andrew Foley '15, Aaron Koenig '14, Scott Gladstone '15, Steven Chen '15
Assistant Editors: Shinri Kamei '16, Stephanie Alden '16, Annie Sun '16, Tessa Streeter '14
Layout & Design: Jocelyn Shyong '16, Rebecca Xu '15
Photographer: Jinmyoung Lee '16
Communications: Harrison Han '16
Outreach/Publicity: Carrie Wolf '15
Publisher: Suyash Bulchandani '15
Web Development: Barry Chen '16, Shawn Xie '16
Cartoon Artist: Jenny Liu '16
Programming: Michael Li '16, Miguel Pena '16
Essay Contests: Josephine Coury '15, Becca Burten '16


The Dartmouth Undergraduate Journal of Science aims to increase scientific awareness within the Dartmouth community by providing an interdisciplinary forum for sharing undergraduate research and enriching scientific knowledge. DUJS was founded in 1998.The DUJS prints quarterly journals that include science news and review articles, along with research by undergraduates. Weekly Dartmouth Science News articles are also posted to the DUJS website.

Contact Information

Dartmouth Undergraduate Journal of Science
Hinman Box 6225
Dartmouth College
Hanover, NH 03755
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12S DUJS Release Event
Tuesday, May 29
Kemeny 008
Featuring Prof. Gribble (chemistry) and Prof. Bucci (neuroscience)

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