Dartmouth Chinese Culture Society (DCCS)

:: Mission

The Dartmouth Chinese Culture Society (DCCS) aims to provide a community for all Dartmouth students, regardless of descent, interested in Chinese culture. Our main goal is to further the understanding of Chinese issues, heritage, politics, and culture through discussions, lectures, movies, and a variety of other events. We hope that our events will not only attract the Chinese students, but will also stir interest and participation from the undergraduate community.

Another major goal of DCCS is to foster a friendly and strong community among other Asian and other cultural organizations on campus. To do so, we have representatives in the Pan-Asian Council (PAC) and Inter-Community Council (ICC) to discuss related issues. In addition, we often coordinate with other groups, such as the Dartmouth Asian Organization (DAO) and the Korean Student Association (KSA), on joint events including Cosmic Bowling and Pong tournaments.

As one of the larger cultural groups on campus, we meet weekly on Monday nights and often serve Chinese food while discussing this week's agenda. In the past, DCCS has coordinated several wonton events, in which members prepare the filling and wrap homemade wontons, while watching a Chinese movie such as Hero or Infernal Affairs. We have also raised money for a Taiwanese orphanage through the selling of bubble tea. DCCS takes a trip down to Boston about once a term to eat dim sum and explore Chinatown. Each fall, DCCS takes on a massive project called "Legacies." In recent years, the theme has been a Night Market, in which items commonly found in Taiwanese Night Markets are sold in booths, authentic homemade Chinese dinner is served, and performing groups such as the Chinese Dance Troupe perform for the audience. It draws more and more people from campus and the neighboring community each year. However, this year expect something completely different, which we all are extremely excited about. If you wish to help out or join us for this event, please blitz "dccs" or come to one of our meetings for additional information.

Alice Liou '13, President
Huan He '13, Vice-President
Meeko Winborn '14, Secretary
Tim (Tianhao) Xu '14, Treasurer
Cody Engle-Stone '13, Social Chair
Gavin Huang '14, Pan-Asian Council (PAC) Representative
Joyce Pan '15 and Caroline Zhang '15, Freshmen Representatives

Come to our weekly meetings on Mondays at 8 pm in Collis 212. Meetings are open to students and faculty of all backgrounds and majors!

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