Modern Abolition Initiative

Who We Are:

The Modern Abolition Initiative (MAI) is a student group that was founded in Spring 2011 to raise awareness about human trafficking. Our mission is to initiate and sustain an active conversation on campus about modern-day slavery in order to educate others and ourselves about the global scope and underlying complexities of trafficking. We work to achieve this by bringing in trafficking experts and activists, organizing creative awareness campaigns, and publicizing information about modern-day slavery. Our aim is to inspire and mobilize Dartmouth students to combat this growing crime both now and in their future careers.  

What We Do:

MAI meetings are held Mondays @ 8PM in Fahey-Mclane Ground Floor. All are welcome to come!
Campus-wide events are held on various days of the week throughout the year. 

This past year, our first full year as a student organization, we have hosted numerous successful events. We started off in the fall by bringing in a tour group to screen a documentary on sex trafficking around the world. With this event, we successfully brought this issue to the attention of over 150 students on campus and raised funds for Exodus Cry, a group working to end sex trafficking in several different countries. Throughout the year, we also showed two more documentaries: one on the lives of prostitutes’ children in India, and another on sex trafficking in America. In addition we have brought in multiple experts on trafficking for dinner discussions, including Christina Stoltz D’06, a trafficking expert who worked in Kyrgyzstan, and Abby Tassel, a local expert who currently works with sex trafficking survivors in New Hampshire and Vermont. These events attracted over 30 students each and we hope to continue to reach even more of the student body in the future as we continue to increase our presence on campus. We would love for you to join us in our efforts!

Upcoming Events/Projects:

This next year we intend to hold an awareness week focusing on the issue of modern day slavery. Our aim is to host a series of events throughout the week focusing on different dimensions of human trafficking. In particular, we will be addressing the issues of forced labor, debt bondage, the child sex trade, child soldiers, and sex trafficking. However, in order to do this, we will need funding to bring in the different speakers and put together a culminating event at the end of the week that will raise funds for an anti-trafficking organization (potentially Somaly Mam). We are working to potentially bring in a human trafficking survivor to speak at this event.

We are also in the process of creating a MAI listserv for sharing information, articles and updates on the situation of human trafficking in the world. All members of the Dartmouth community are welcome to join! 

Contact Information:

Please contact us at <login to see email address> for more information!
(Our website is currently under construction.)

Exec Board:

Liz King '13
Vice President of Development- Yesuto Shaw '15
Vice President of Administration- Gabby Mezochow '13
Secretary- Analiza Rodriguez '13
Treasurer- Ify Achebe '13
Digital Media Chair- Tim Pang '13
Public Relations Chair- Jee Woong Choi '12
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