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  • Alesy Iturrey '14, Head Delegate
  • Adam Kraus '14, Policy Liaison
  • Myrel Iturrey '15, Finance Liaison

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Email:  The.Ivy.Council@Dartmouth.EDU
Website: http://ivycouncil.org/

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The Ivy Council is a 501c3 Federal Tax-Exempt Organization comprised of student government leaders, student group leaders, and students at large from the colleges and universities of the Ivy League.  Founded in 1993 as a way to collaborate and exchange ideas on common student life issues among the Ivy League schools, the Ivy Council’s programs have since diversified to also include student leadership development, public service, and global exchange.

In 1997, the Ivy Council defined the structure it has since implemented. Ivy Council delegations, led by the school’s head delegate, now exist at each of the Ivy League universities. In addition, the head delegates as well as members of the Executive Board, who are elected from among the eight universities, form the Ivy Council’s Steering Board, which exists as the Ivy Council’s ultimate student authority, overseeing the programming and direction of the organization as a whole.

In 1998, the Ivy Council also established the Board of Governors, which consists of Ivy Council alumni and serves in an advisory role to the organization.Altogether, the Ivy Council’s structure allows for its delegations to harness their students’ distinct qualities and talents to create a variety of programs at each school that further the Ivy Council’s overarching mission. At the same time, the Ivy Council brings together all Ivy League students multiple times throughout the academic year with its flagship programs, such as the Ivy Leadership Summit, in order to promote unity and facilitate the exchange of ideas among students.

Our Mission

The Ivy Council cultivates greater collaboration among the Ivy League institutions to foster student leadership, facilitate communication, and further students’ initiative in making a positive impact on the global community.
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