Native American House

Located at 35 North Main Street, the Native American House (NAH) provides cultural, social and educational enrichment for Native and other Dartmouth students. The house includes accommodations for a resident graduate student or faculty member who is usually the College's Charles Eastman Fellow. The Native American House is sponsored by the Native American Program Office.  The Native American House has single and double rooms.The NAH is a living and learning residence and cultural center dedicated to the exploration and expression of the traditional and contemporary aspects of Native American intellectual, social, cultural and spiritual life.  It is a true gathering and community place for all members of the Dartmouth Family----in balance, harmony, fellowship, healing, knowledge, and strength.  As a cultural center, all who participate in its activities will enhance their understanding of various aspects of Native American life and culture and of the greater Dartmouth community.  The NAH is a substance free house.Inquiries about the program can be addressed to Native American Program.

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