Latin American, Latino & Caribbean House

Located at 38 North Main Street, the LALACS House is used for a diverse array of student and department programs and events. The house is sponsored by the Latin American, Latino and Caribbean Studies Program and coordinated by the Office of Latino/Hispanic Student Advising. The facility provides an apartment for the College's Chavez Fellow.  LALACS is mostly singles with one double room.The House's residential and academic purpose is to provide a residential and educational environment devoted to the exploration and expression of traditional and contemporary aspects of Latin American and Latino intellectual, social and cultural life. Events include weekly dinners by residents and hosting the meetings of various Latino organizations such as La Alianza Latina and Mecha. Being an academic affinity house, the program will also facilitate communication and interaction among various sectors of the Latino community, students studying in the LALACS program, faculty, the administration and staff.  LALACS is a substance free house.Inquiries about the program can be addressed to Rodrigo Ramirez in the OPAL Office.

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