International Residence

The International Residence brings together both U.S. and international students who desire to have a greater understanding of the world.  Daily interaction of 26 undergraduate residents from several countries fosters knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of the world's many different cultures.  In addition, residents live with a graduate student or visiting faculty member who assists them in coordinating house activities.  The International Residence (located in McCulloch) provides the Dartmouth community with an opportunity to celebrate and appreciate cultural diversity on campus. The International Residence gives its residents a platform on which to build global awareness, and serves as a nucleus for campus-wide multicultural programming.A variety of departments and student groups use the International Residence for programs and events of interest to international and U.S. students.  The International Residence is sponsored by the International Office.Inquiries about the program can be addresse to the at the Office of Pluralism and Leadership.

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