East Wheelock

Community Director

Josiah Proietti
Office: 1 Brace Common (646-3286)

Josiah Proietti will be a Community Director for the 5th year at Dartmouth and the 2nd year at East Wheelock.  He is a native to the Upper Valley, but spent eight years in Boston getting his BS in music technology and working as a professional for a few years.  He is currently completing his Master's thesis on college dating and gender and will be applying to Counseling Psychology programs for the Fall of 2012.  He loves to talk about gender theory, films, arm chair cosmology (universe talk for armatures).

You can see floor plans here:

Furthermore, the East Wheelock Community allows for a rich and diverse community which in a sense cannot be found at other Clusters. East Wheelock offers many activities to promote cluster bonding. GA hours are extremely informative. With a huge projector for common use and a piano in Brace Commons, it can be a very nice Social Space. Lastly, but most importantly, Table Games such as Foosball and Pool exist in McCulloch First Floor lounge which really make the Cluster a fun place to live.
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