Woodsmen's Team


The Dartmouth Woodsmen's Team, also known as the Forestry Team, is an entirely student-run club that competes in lumberjack and woodcraft events throughout New England. Throughout the year Dartmouth competes against colleges from New England and Canada, and acts as host for the spring meet every three years (2009, 2012 etc.). If you're interested in learning how to throw an axe, use a cross-cut saw, chop through a tree or build a fire, blitz FTD@dartmouth.edu to get on the list and hear about our beginner friendly practices.

If you wanna see pictures of the meet we hosted at Dartmouth this term, check out:
Woodsmen's Weekend 2012

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Student leaders usually host between one and five practices a week. We spend two or three hours learning or practicing different events at the Oak Hill practice area, which is located above Storr's Pond. If you want to know the weekly practice schedule, blitz FTD@dartmouth.edu to get on the mailing list. All practices are open to beginners.


axe throw

single buck

chain throw

disc stack

obstacle course

fire build
vertical chop
scoot load
wood split
horizontal chop
pole climb

pulp toss
log roll


Colby Mudmeet in Waterville, ME
UNH Fall meet in Durham, NH
UConn in Storrs, CT
McGill in Montreal, Quebec
Spring meet at varying locations

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