Vox Sportswear

Vox Sportswear Inc. is a student-owned and operated business, which provides customized apparel for organizations on the Dartmouth campus, the Hanover community, and beyond! Since our founding in 1994, we have prided ourselves on establishing a strong relationship with our customers. We supply a variety of shirts, sweats, jackets, hats, and bags to individuals and groups alike.

Visit our website (www.voxsportswear.com) to view product samples and to find out more information!

The Vox team,

John Daniels '14
Chase Klein '14
Liz Niehaus '14
Caroline O' Donnell '14
Dennis Foster '14
Mike Olentine '14
Zac Koufakis '14
Lindsay Haut '14
Siegfried von Bonin '14
Trevor Stutz '14

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