Dart Dorm

Our Story 
Dart Dorm Rentals was founded by seven Dartmouth 2011s -- Mike Bush, Matthew Cable, Michael Fields, David Fink, William Greif, Neel Joshi, and Brian Murphy -- to provide the Dartmouth community with a premier furniture rental service. After realizing the major expense and hassle in trying to own furniture at Dartmouth and seeing the low quality of products on the rental market,  our founders started Dart Dorm to provide a better product to Dartmouth students with an emphasis on customer service.  
In the Spring of 2011, eight Dartmouth 2014s bought Dart Dorm from the original seven owners. The new team -- Alex Brown, Brett Harrison, Harrison Hart, Ben Levander, Mike McLaughlin, Ethan Portnoy, Mike Saltzman, and Trevor Stutz -- is committed to continuing Dart Dorm's tradition of providing the Dartmouth community with a service that students need: a no-hassle, no-hauling, affordable, and high-quality furniture option for the Dartmouth community.


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