Language and Cultural Exchange

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Are you nervous about your LSA experience next term? Do you want to know more about the language and culture of your parents? Do you need more practice with conversational skills in a language you’re been studying?


If your answer to any of the questions above is yes, then please read on because I may be speaking to the right person.


I want to tell you about that I think will help you deal with your concerns: Language And Cultural Exchange (LACE) Program.


You probably understand that mastering conversational skills in a new language comes with constant practice. LACE facilitates language and cultural exchange between international graduate students passionate about learning the American language and culture and English speakers studying foreign languages like you.


As LACE language pairs, you and your partner will meet once a week for the term to converse in English and the language you desire to learn. You pick your own hours to meet so don’t feel you are being forced to commit to anything too arduous.

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