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The Dartmouth, founded in 1799, is the student newspaper at Dartmouth College and the campus’s only daily. The Dartmouth is published by The Dartmouth, Inc., an independent, nonprofit corporation chartered in the state of New Hampshire. All editorial and business decisions are made by the students without any interference from the College. The newspaper is published daily, Monday through Friday, from September to June, except during examination periods and vacations. In addition to the regular newspaper, The Dartmouth publishes two weekly supplements, Big Green Sports Weekly on Mondays and The Dartmouth Mirror, The D’s weekly magazine, on Fridays. The print edition is free to students on campus. Check out The Dartmouth’s Website!

2012 Directorate of The Dartmouth
The Editorial Section

  • Emily Fletcher ‘12 Editor-in-Chief
  • Vince Marriott '13, Executive Editor
  • Jay Webster '13, Executive Editor
  • Eliza Relman ‘13, Day Managing Editor
  • Grace Afsari-Mamagani '13, Evening Managing Editor
  • Stephen Kirkpatrick '13, Evening Managing Edtior 
The Business Section
  • Branko Cerny '13 Publisher
  • Sam Worth '13, Advertising Director
  • Nick Judson '14, National Advertising Director
  • Sam Seehof '13, Circulation Director
  • Ben Spero '13, Finance Director
  • Nook Harquail '14, Technology Director
  • Gardiner Kreglow '14, Business Strategy Adviser
Production Editors
  • Jonathan Gault '13, Sports Editor
  • Dong Zhao '13, Sports Editor
  • Ashley Blum '13, Opinion Editor
  • Ethan Wang '13, Opinion Editor
  • Jackie Donohoe '13, Arts & Entertainment Editor
  • Casey Aylward '13, The Dartmouth Mirror Editor
  • Priya Krishna '13, The Dartmouth Mirror Editor
  • Angie Yang '13, Online Editor
  • Nathan Yeo '13, Photography Editor
  • Catherine Treyz '13, Multimedia Editor
Business Managers
  • Henry Angus MacQueen '14, Online Advertising Manager
  • Christine Kim '14, Print Advertising Manager
  • Sydney Matteson '14, Production Manager
  • Kasey Boyd '14, Design Manager
  • Amanda Smith '14, Design Manager
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