Hill Winds Society

The Hill Winds Society, sponsored by the Office of Alumni Relations, is a diverse group of students selected to be ambassadors to the alumni body. The society was founded in 2006 and currently comprises 30 students from the Classes of 2011, 2012, and 2013. Members are selected on the basis of their campus involvement, communication skills, leadership ability/potential, and infectious Dartmouth spirit. From a variety of interests, backgrounds, and disciplines, these students represent the best of what Dartmouth has to offer.Society members are charged with

  • Representing aspects of current student life to alumni
  • Educating students about alumni's role in the life of College
  • Fostering interaction between students and alumni
See the current Hill Winds Society Member Directory.Our Programs
  • Dartmouth History and Traditions Tour
  • Student–Alumni Trivia Contests  
  • Dartmouth Alumni Appreciation Week
  • Regional Alumni Club Outreach
  • Annual Spring Student–Alumni Golf Tournament
  • Student and Trustee Wine and Cheese Reception
  • Sophomore Summer Etiquette Dinner
  • Dartmouth History and Traditions Book

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