President's Intern

The President's Intern is a senior who works part-time in the Office of the President for their senior year. 

The Intern plays many roles in the Office:

  • The Intern serves as a liaison between the Office of the President and the student body, presenting student perspectives to the Office of the President and representing the Office to students. 
  • The Intern implements a variety of events for the President such as student lunches and lectures. 
  • The Intern helps with research projects, outreach to the Dartmouth community, and oversight of some President's Office initiatives. 
  • Additionally, the Intern is an ex-officio member of Palaeopitus Senior Society.

Selection Process
Applications to be the intern are distributed in the spring term from the junior class. 

The Intern can be reached at <login to see email address>.

Current President's Intern
Emily Chao '19

Past President's Interns
2018: Oliver Edelson
2017: JP Olinski
2016: Felipe Jaramillo
2015: Valerie Zhao
2014: Rohail Premjee
2013: Reilly Bertasi
2012: Jason Goodman
2011: Elena Falloon
2010: Maura Cass
2009: Sam Kennedy
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