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Palaeopitus has between seventeen and twenty-one members selected in their junior year on the basis of their demonstrated dedication to the College. Four of our members are ex-officio: the Editor of The Dartmouth newspaper, the Senior Class President, the Intern to the President of the College, and the Student Assembly President (if he or she is a senior). The other members are selected by the previous year's delegation. Palaeopitus is classified as a senior society but membership is public knowledge, and thus via our events we can have a significantly larger impact upon the campus in general. We also operate under the Dean of the College rather than ORL (unlike the other senior societies), and so our membership often overlaps with some of the other societies.


Palaeopitus was founded in 1899, a time before students had leaders representing them to the administration. For the next six decades, Palaeopitus served as the main body of student governance on campus. Palaeopitus worked with the administration on college policy, protected Dartmouth traditions, kept tabs on student parties, governed over student group constitutions, and was generally “in charge of the noise” on campus.

Initially, it did everything - picture Student Assembly, the Undergraduate Finance Committee, OAC, and COS all in one. Eventually, it turned into the executive committee of Student Assembly. Today, it serves as an independent senior society with ties throughout the college.In 1968, the student body voted to abolish Palaeopitus because it represented the kinds of institutions that students were fighting against in the ‘60s. In 1981, Palaeopitus returned to campus as part of an effort to revive Dartmouth traditions.

Since then, Palaeopitus has been whatever each year’s delegation wanted it to be. Past delegations have focused on themes such as staff appreciation, activism, student-administration interaction, and mental health. Additionally, Palaeopitus helps campus leaders from different corners of campus to collaborate with one another and provides feedback to top campus administrators. "Palaeopitus" derives from the Greek word for "Old Pine."

Our Mission Statement

Palaeopitus is an organization that strives to:
  1. Organize specific events each term to bring the student body and administration closer together.
  2. Respond to campus events which threaten Dartmouth’s campus community.
  3. Advocate for student interests on a few issues each term as decided by the group. This will be accomplished in ways that the current delegation deems fit. 
  4. Creating an environment in which leaders from across campus come together to bond with each other through broader campus leadership.

Recent Projects

Mental Health Resources Sheet on DartHub
Collaboration with Dean of the College on Student Q&A Sessions with the Administration
Collaboration with the Housing Communities to Create ClubHouse Events
Collaboration with the Committee on Instruction to Discuss Initiating Half-Credit Courses
Student Representatives for Call to Lead Campaign Kick-Off Events
Feedback to MDF Steering Committee
Campus-wide Google Moderator for MDF Plan Feedback
Town Halls on MDF Plan and Working Groups
Collaboration with DCAL on Classroom Engagement and Best Practices for Faculty
Collaboration with Dean of the College Office and ORL on New Residential System


Feel free to email us at Palaeopitus[at]Dartmouth[dot]edu or contact any of our current members.

The 2021 Delegation

Nai-Lah Dixon
Marina Cepeda
Princilla Minkah 
Miles "Mac" Battle 
Jared Cape, Senior Class President  
Cait McGovern, Student Assembly President  
Rachel Pakianathan, 
Editor-in-Chief of The Dartmouth
Ezekiel Vergara
Colton Wagner 
Chloe Baker 
Luis Flores 
Alayah Johnson-Jennings
Ameena Razzaque
Liza Begunova 
Hamza Kasumba
Justin Kramer
Paige Xu
Bonnie Shea 

The 2020 Delegation

Sahil Abbi, President’s Intern
Mychaela Anderson 
Cristian Cano
Jessica Campanile 
Zachary Cherian 
Anjali Chikkula, Senior Class President
Luke Cuomo, Student Assembly President
Sunny Drescher 
Hyemin Han, Editor-in-Chief of The Dartmouth
Yifan He 
Tim Holman 
Lynette Long 
Sanat Mohapatra
Erika Ogino
Sruti Pari
James Park
Maya Perkins 
Kate Shiber 

The 2019 Delegation

Anisha Ariff
Zachary Benjamin, Editor-in-Chief of The Dartmouth
Matthew Brown
Ebenezer Bulcha
Emily J. Chao, President’s Intern
Thomas DeSantis
Celeste Kearney
Danny Li, Senior Class President
Madison Minsk
Suehayla Mohieldin
Cayla Plotch
Dorothy Qu
Audrey Scott
Yadira G. Torres
Monik Walters, Student Assembly President
Michelle Wang
David Wong

The 2018 Delegation

Lauren Budd
Kelly Chen
Oliver Edelson, President's Intern
Jeffrey Fastow
Kelsey Flower

Anmol Ghavri
Matthew Goldstein, Senior Class President
Saemi Han
Jonah Kelly
Connie Lee

Ray Lu, Editor-in-Chief of The Dartmouth
Darnell Marescot
Clare Mathias

Menaka Reddy
Garrison Roe

Ian Sullivan, Student Assembly President
Mikala Williams
Ziqin Yuan

The 2017 Delegation

Tsion Abera
Rebecca Asoulin, Editor-in-Chief of The Dartmouth
Jacob Casale
Nicole Castillo
Allison Chou
Michelle Dew
Dondei Dean
Sarah Han
Nicholas Harrington, Student Assembly President
Sean Haughey
Sera Kwon
Julia Marino
Katherine McAvoy
Victoria Nelsen
JP Olinski, President's Intern
William Paja
Douglas Phipps
Evan Rheingold
Dillon Rich, Senior Class President
Hannah Solomon
Christopher Yih

The 2016 Delegation








Cunningham, Student Assembly President









Jaramillo, President's Intern


McKay, Editor-in-Chief of The Dartmouth




Reitsch, Senior Class President


Mac Simonson




The 2015 Delegation

Dario Aharpour
Murylo Batista
Janelle Bullock
Casey Dennis, Student Assembly President
Lindsay Ellis, Editor-in-Chief of The Dartmouth
Rachel Funk
Ashneil Jain
Jamie Mercado
Chase Mertz, Senior Class President
Lily Michelson
Sam Parker
Matt Ross
Shoshana Silverstein
Noah Smith
Rianna Starheim
Monica Stretten
Aylin Woodward
Ian Woon
Valerie Zhao, President's Intern

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