Casque and Gauntlet

Founded in 1887, Casque and Gauntlet is a senior society which unites those who have strong character and high ideals, encourages members in worthy activities, promotes their mutual welfare and happiness, and renders loyal service to Dartmouth College.


The Casque and Gauntlet (C&G) senior society at Dartmouth College was founded in late March, 1886 by members of the class of 1887. C&G is the second-oldest senior society at Dartmouth, and membership is exclusive yet non-secret and co-ed. The delegation has inhabited the house, located at 1 South Main Street in Hanover, New Hampshire, since 1894. During World War II C&G suspended operations while it leased its building to Dartmouth, and it soon returned to its former traditions. C&G began to induct women in 1979, following Dartmouth’s decision to do so in 1972. The members of C&G experience a close-knit fellowship that unites them in their cause to aid and encourage one another to actively pursue paths toward their ideals.


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