Co-Ed Council


Coed Council is the subcouncil of the Greek Leadership Council (GLC) that includes Phi Tau, Alpha Theta, the Tabard, and Amarna. It is in charge of funding, events and opportunities for bonding between the coed houses.


President: Blaine Ponto '14
Vice President: Nick O'Leary '14
Treasurer: Casey Bradshaw '13


Every term the Coed Council hosts Meet the Coeds, which usually consists of the tried and true method of tasty noms + campus performance groups, especially those in which members of coed houses participate.

In the spring, the CC also hosts an all-campus barbecue where everyone is welcome to come, eat food (getting the theme yet?), hang out, and/or learn about life as a coed.

Coed House Recruitment

(From the GLOS website)

Recruitment generally happens every term for members of the Co-Ed Council. The specific recruitment process is different for each organization. Please contact: Coed Council for specific details on each coed house recruitment dates and guidelines. 
Alpha Theta: has two non-binding rush events, one on October 6th and one on October 11th. Eligible students who are interested about the house can come to either night of rush to meet members, take a house tour, eat dinner, and opt to be considered for a bid. Bids are non-binding and are good for four terms. Alpha Theta has an opportunity for all bidholders to sink once a term.  

Phi Tau: has two casual, non-binding rush events each term, which all eligible students are encouraged to attend in order to learn about the house and get to know the brothers. People interested in joining may sign the rush book, after which the house may give them a bid. Because Phi Tau has "rolling rush," people may sign the book at any point during the term, not just during the rush events. To join the house, the person may sink the bid by returning it to the house at any point in their undergraduate career.
The Tabard: The Tabard is built on a philosophy of inclusion, respect, and tolerance, and is thus strictly non-exclusive. Any student who has completed his or her first year may join the house, and may do so at any point throughout the term. At the beginning of each term, a "Meet the Tabard" event is held, giving students the opportunity to meet members and learn more about the house and what it means to join. For more info on the Tabard, please email us at or attend one of our Wednesday night meetings.
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