Sigma Delta

About Sigma Delt

Founded in May 1977, Sigma Kappa became the first sorority at Dartmouth College. In April 1981 Sigma Kappa moved into 10 West Wheelock, formerly inhabited by Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity. Sigma Kappa went local in the fall of 1988, becoming Sigma Delta. Sisters and Alumni felt there were irreconcilable differences between the Dartmouth chapter and Sigma Kappa National, specifically religion in rituals and an emphasis on men in National songs and overall attitudes. The classes of 1989, 1990, and 1991 created a new philosophy based on strength, friendship, and acceptance of difference. Since then, Sigma Delta has continued to strive to offer a welcoming environment to both women and men. There are currently over one hundred sisters in our membership.


2012-2013 Execs

President: Heather Beatty
Standards and Development: Kate Burns
Houseman: Ashley Afranie-Sakyi
Socials: Sara Stone and Kate O'Brien
Treasurer: Caitlin Ardrey
Philanthropy: Rachel Abendroth
Scholarship: Bailey Hoar
Programming: Thea Stutsman
Sisterhood: Hannah Giorgis
Alumnae: Meeta Prakash

12X Execs

President: Maya Schechter
Standards and Development: Kaitlin Maier
Houseman: Heidi Meyers
Socials: Chelsea Estevez and Forrest Steph Barnhart
Treasurer: Aislinn McLaughlin
Philanthropy: Molly Thornton
Scholarship: Felicia Schwartz
Programming: Meredith Sweeney
Sisterhood: Seanie Civale

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