Dartmouth Chamber Orchestra (DCO)


The Dartmouth Chamber Orchestra (DCO) is Dartmouth's only student-run orchestra. This means WE choose the music, conduct, perform, and organize. Rehearsals are Sundays from 1-3pm in Hartman rehearsal hall. There is a concert at the end of every term, and social events! 


The DCO always welcomes new members playing a large variety of instruments. Blitz Dartmouth Chamber Orchestra <login to see email address> or an officer for more information.


In recent terms, music the DCO has performed includes:

Les Miserables
Lewis Concerto for Violin, Flute, and Cello 
Peter and the Wolf
Haydn Symphony 6 
Sound of Music 
Lord of the Rings


Conductor: Evan Griffith 
President: Elissa Watters 

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