Dartmouth EMS

Quick Summary/Overview

  • State-licensed Basic Life Support (BLS) unit that provides emergency medical care to the Dartmouth community
  • Community training program that provides CPR and First Aid classes to the Dartmouth community (Free for undergraduates!)
  • Manages the campus Public Access Defibrillator program (AEDs)
  • Sponsors multiple yearly EMT classes and continuing education classes for existing EMTs (PHTLS, AMLS, HazMat awareness, etc.)
  • Hosts the yearly Northern New England EMS Conference/Drill day to train and network with state and federal agencies and meet members from other college EMS squads.
  • NO PREVIOUS EXPERIENCED NEEDED! Just blitz Dartmouth EMS (<login to see email address>) to get involved!
Please see below for more information about the program, blitz us, or talk to any of our current members!

About Us

Dartmouth EMS is a student run Basic Life Support (BLS) unit licensed by the State of New Hampshire. Dartmouth EMS was founded in 1991 by a group of motivated students looking to improve pre-hospital care and education for the community, and it has since expanded to provide a variety of services to Dartmouth College and the surrounding Upper Valley community. We provide emergency medical services to Dartmouth College, and are available for standby coverage throughout the Upper Valley. We are the primary EMS provider for Dartmouth College athletic events, as well other College special events. Dartmouth EMS is dedicated to the safety of Dartmouth community members and visitors. Additionally, the group strives to provide as many educational opportunities for our members, the community, and neighboring collegiate EMS squads as possible.

We are dedicated to:
  1. Providing standby EMS coverage at community/college events.
  2. Providing full-time weekend and some weeknights (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday) on-call coverage for the Dartmouth College campus.
  3. Training and certifying college students and faculty, as well as community members in CPR and First Aid.
  4. Maintaining the campus Automated External Debribillator (AED) program, as well as providing training for their proper use.
  5. Furthering EMS training and education on campus including sponsoring 2 on-campus EMT classes each year.

Campus Coverage

Dartmouth EMS provides on-call BLS coverage for the Dartmouth College campus on weekends and some weeknights. Dartmouth EMS is dispatched by and responds with campus Safety and Security. Dartmouth EMS serves as a first response agency to augment the existing response system in Hanover.

We cover Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights (2100-0800 MWR and 2100-0900 FS), Friday afternoon (1500-2100), and Saturday day (0900-2100).

We are also available 24/7 in the event of a large-scale emergency on campus.

Dartmouth EMS must be dispatched by Safety and Security in order to respond to a call; please do not contact EMS members directly for an emergency. Dartmouth EMS does not provide ambulance transport to the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center. Dartmouth EMS never charges its patients for any services provided. All funds that are raised through coverage charges, course fees, and donations are used to defray equipment costs and operating expenses.

Event Coverage

  • Each event is covered by a crew of 2-3 trained care providers, depending on the nature of the event and staff availability.
  • We provide our crews with all of the equipment necessary to provide Basic Life Support (BLS) on scene. Depending on the nature of the standby; this includes a trauma kit, spine immobilization equipment, an oxygen and airway kit, a burn kit, splinting equipment, and an Automated External Defribillator (AED), etc.
  • We currently do NOT transport patients. We will provide medical support on scene, and will request an ambulance to respond to transport patients as needed.
  • The care we provide is free to patients (though we do charge an hourly fee to the requesting party).
Dartmouth EMS provides standby coverage for a wide variety of College and community events. We cover many College athletic events, from men’s hockey games to Frisbee, lacrosse, and volleyball tournaments. We also cover general campus-wide events, ranging from the Polar Bear Swim to the presidential debates. Dartmouth EMS works with a number of non-Dartmouth organizations as well, including local towns and schools. 

To request Dartmouth EMS to cover your event, please email us at  Dartmouth.EMS@dartmouth.edu We honor coverage requests on a first-come first-served basis. Please request coverage at least one week prior to the event. Last-minute requests will be honored only if crews are available. Please provide a location where you would like Dartmouth EMS to stage at your location.  


CPR and First Aid

Dartmouth EMS is proud to offer American Heart Association certification courses in CPR and First Aid. Most of our CPR courses are "Heartsaver" level, though we do offer training at the "Healthcare Provider" (Basic Life Support level) for professional rescuers. If you would like to sign up for one of our classes please use the form below.We also offer courses for community groups or departments at locations and times of your choice. Please email us to set up a customized course for you and at your location in the Upper Valley area.

Our courses are open to any interested individual. If you have any question please email us at Dartmouth.EMS@dartmouth.edu

Healthcare Provider Courses

Becoming an EMT involves a 120 hour classroom course with an additional 10 hour hospital observation. There is at least one EMT course taught annually on the Dartmouth campus. Course dates will be posted as they become available to us. Visit the website of the NH Dept. of Safety for more NH EMT information.

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center (DHMC) also offers a variety of Continuing Education courses; sometimes these courses will be offered on campus. Please email us for information on these courses.


    If you are currently an EMT in another state and interested in working for Dartmouth EMS, New Hampshire may provide reciprocity for your certification. Please talk to the current D-EMS Director who can provide you with all the paperwork necessary get started on the NH license application process.


    2014 - 2015 Officers

    Executive Director: Brian White '15

    Finance Officer: Bill Crockatt '16
    Administrative Officer: Julia Isaacson '15
    AED Manager: Emmanuel Hui '17 (14F) and Anne Reed-Weston '16 (15W-15S)

    Director of Operations: Judy Li '15
    Operations Officer: Courtney Hargreaves '16
    Equipment Officer: Bei Dai '16 (14F) and Eleni Drivas '16 (15W-15S)

    Director of Training: Zander Steele '15
    Internal Training Officer: Ian Speers '17
    Community Training Officers: Brett Teplitz '15 and Joe Minichiello '17
    Training Coordinator: Jessa Fogel '17

    Advisor: Nicole Buck, Emergency Management Coordinator

    Members Wanted!

    If you are a current or prospective student and are interested in joining Dartmouth EMS, email us to be placed on our mailing list. Our members are involved in a wide variety of activities on campus and have a wide variety of majors. We are happy to talk to anyone who is interested in joining.

    NO prior training is required! CPR and First Aid certifications are provided free of charge to members, and we will also alert you about other training opportunities, including EMT, Wilderness-EMT, AEMT, and Continuing Education courses.
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