Casual Thursday

About Us

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        <br><br>Chris Plehal (left) with founding members Kelly, Kjell, Jon, Noah, and Will
    Casual Thursday began, as most improv groups tend to do, in the 

past. The year was 2001 and a young Dartmouth student named Chris Plehal got together with a few people that he knew and formed a comedy group. They bickered over what to call the group, throwing out suggestions like "The Burlesque Wombats" and "The Ho Ho Laff-A-Lot Komedy Kidz" but eventually settled on "Casual Thursday" because nobody hated that name. And so it was that Dartmouth College's "Casual"est improv group was born (ha!).  Having fun after our Winter 2011 Murder Mystery Show

    Casual Thursday performs on the Dartmouth campus about once every 

two weeks. We do a variety of styles, including short-form improv, long-form improv, and sketch comedy, in a variety of venues, including dorm lounges, fraternities, and professional theaters. We also perform for special events at Dartmouth, including first-year family weekend, prospective students weekend, and at various charity fund raisers. In addition to performances at Dartmouth, Casual Thursday regulary takes trips to other colleges and professional improv theaters in the northeast, including Upright Citizens' Brigade in New York City and Improv Boston in Boston, both to perform and to take workshops. We also run workshops with high schools (and other interested groups) throughout the region.

 If you want to contact the group because you also do improv / are thinking of coming to Dartmouth and want us to get you in / would like Casual Thursday to teach you a thing or two about comedy send us an e-mail at

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