Collis Governing Board


The Collis Governing Board (CGB) is a student organization that both sponsors and initiates programming within the Collis Center to promote social and cultural awareness of all members of the Dartmouth Community. The current co-chairs are Sean Cann '17 and Thuy Le '17.

Funding applications

Applications for co-sponsorship of student organization events at Collis may be downloaded (pdf) here or picked up in the Collis Center for Student Involvement in 303 Collis.
Art ProposalsThe Collis Governing Board supports the display of student art in the Cafe space. Interested students should fill out this application and bring it to the weekly CGB meeting (see below). They should also have their images ready to be projected from a laptop for viewing by CGB members.


Some of the specific programs CGB supports are:
  • Various Sports Packages on the Collis DirecTV system (NFL Ticket, FOX Soccer Channel, NHL Hockey, MLB Baseball package, GOAL Soccer coverage and others).
  • ONE Wheelock free coffee and entertainment
  • Art exhibits in Cafe space
The Collis Governing Board also supports the Music and Events at One Wheelock. If you are interested in performing or have any other inquiries about ONE, please email the ONE Wheelock Management Group at

The Collis Governing Board also supports and provides for weekly programming including the following:

  • Monday Microbrews in ONE Wheelock
  • Tuesday Trivia Night in ONE Wheelock
  • Andres' Open Mic every Wednesday in ONE Wheelock
  • Poker Nights every Thursday in Robinson Hall basement


CGB also makes contributions to the upgrading of facilities at Collis especially in support of student programming. In the past they have purchased lighting instruments, communications equipment, audio equipment and staging for the Collis Center. If you have an idea for an upgrade to Collis facilities that would directly improve student services at Collis, please email

Office Hours and Meeting Times 

CGB meets every Wednesday at 5:30 pm in Collis 212. Everyone in the Dartmouth community is invited. The CGB offices are located at Collis 216.


For more information on our meeting times and how to get involved, please e-mail or visit the Collis Governing Board website at

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