Upper Valley Money Smart

CURRENT MoneySmart Chairs:
Kristen Clifford '13
Jane Lu '13
Alex Judson '14

MoneySmart delivers financial education and literacy to Upper Valley residents of all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds, with a focus on at-risk community members.MoneySmart focuses on 3 key areas:

  • College Access: MoneySmart teaches modules for high school students participating in Dartmouth-sponsored college awareness programs about financial aid and budgeting for college.
  • Community: MoneySmart partners with Family Place, a family-child center in VT, to provide classes to parents. The program also hopes to expand its outreach to other community centers, such as the Upper Valley Haven.
  • Campus: MoneySmart educates Dartmouth students by holding documentary screenings and other events on campus. MoneySmart is also partnering with Dartmouth's FYSEP (First-Year Student Enrichment Program) to host seminars that will include topics on credit, banking, spending and saving, goal setting, etc.
Volunteers are always encouraged to bring their creativity and vision to the curriculum and adapt it based on the population being served.RequirementsTime Commitment
  • Mandatory orientation and training sessions at the beginning of your first term volunteering for MoneySmart to become familiarized with the material/strategies.
  • Teaching seminars off-campus regularly
  • Weekly meetings to discuss and revise material
  • Participation in on-campus events/fundraisers
  • If eligible, volunteers are required to become driver approved
  • Access to Tucker vehicles (after driver approval) is available
Contact Information:
Blitz MoneySmart

Call 603-646-3350

Stop by the Tucker Foundation, South Fairbanks Hall
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