Generations Project


Program Description Oral Histories

As a society, we have the tendency to overlook and under appreciate our elderly. Older citizens living right in our communities - in apartments, nursing homes, and other elder care facilities - often feel isolated and alone. The Generations Project Oral Histories project works to foster relationships between students and subsidized senior apartment residents. Students meet with their resident on a weekly basis throughout the term, sharing stories and creating, over the course of several terms, oral histories.  These documents are shared and displayed at the annual Generations Spring Sensation. The Intergenerational Internet pairs a Dartmouth student volunteer and a senior citizen together as a teacher and student. The volunteer in this relationship has the opportunity to instruct the senior in using the computer and Internet. Each senior will receive five private sessions individualized according to his/her prior computer experience. Build an intergenerational friendship and part of a legacy.  


Time Commitment

  • A mandatory orientation session at the beginning of your first term volunteering with Generations
  • Minimum of 2 hours of volunteering each week, either with Oral Histories or Intergenerational Internet
  • Participation as needed in large events (dinners at Roger's House, Spring Sensation, etc.)
  • If eligible, volunteers are required to become driver approved
  • Access to Tucker vehicles (after driver approval) is available and usually a carpool is arranged.
  For More Information  - Blitz "Generations"  - Call 603-646-3350  - Stop by the Tucker Foundation, South Fairbanks Hall
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