AID Workcrew

Something missing in your life?
Interested in giving back to the community and helpingto stop the AIDS crisis?
Our focus is to raise awareness and education on campus, to provide office help at our community partners ACORN, and to provide housework, companionship, aid, etc. to those living with HIV/AIDS in the Upper Valley.
Workcrew meets 2 to 4 times a term to discuss events and develop projects. Recently we have:
- Brought the NAMES Quilt to campus
- Held discussions and Community Hour lunches on awareness, prevention and AIDS abroad
- Worked with ACORN to bring free Orasure HIV Testing to Campus
- Helped plan a Halloween Party for kids (ages 2-16) for the Family HIV Program
On campus, we work to implement safer sex and safe sex awareness as well as working with the Student Global AIDS campaign to promote activism for the Global AIDS Crisis.

Last updated on May 24 by James J. Qian