Dartmouth Ends Hunger

DEH is a two week-program where students eat beans and rice together and participate in an education program that is based on mealtime interaction with each other and with guests. In addition to the opportunity to sit down and eat with people who are accomplished in different fields relating to food-security, we also provide a booklet with articles describing the global problem of hunger, its causes, the people it affects and what can be done to end it. Included in the booklet is information on educational and service opportunities at Dartmouth and beyond, along with the potential problems of providing international relief and how to avoid these problems. We also have a website with more in-depth articles.

Sixty participants will raise about $40,000 each year for sustainable development projects in areas accessible to Dartmouth students. Our funding also creates permanent internships so students can interact first-hand with the people they help and then share their experience with the Dartmouth community.

Last updated on May 24 by James J. Qian