Jew Crew

Go and meet new people with J Crew! Or Jew Crew. Same difference.


Thursday nights, the freshmen of Hillel get together to hang out, eat some food ordered from one of the local restaurants, and plan some of their own events. A sophomore Jew Crew advisor helps our new Hillelians get organized, sets up elections, and guides them through the process of being an organization, but Jew Crew elects its on board of fellow freshmen who really run things. As the spring term rolls around, members of Jew Crew begin their transition to the general Hillel membership and to the Hillel executive and general boards (although freshmen are invited and encouraged to join the board as early as their first fall term on campus).


Jew Crew meets every Thursday at 6pm in the Roth Center, either in the Library or downstairs in the lounge.


President -- Adam Schneider
Treasurer -- Brett Teplitz


Come visit us at the Roth Center!
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