Dartmouth Hillel seeks to promote a welcoming community to all those who identify with or are interested in Judaism. Hillel is dedicated to providing resources to help students express and explore Judaism on campus; it strives to engage students of all observance levels through religious, cultural, social, and educational programming.

Hillel students come from all types of backgrounds and all different parts of the country and the world. Students active in Hillel play a myriad of roles on campus. They play varsity sports, act in theatre productions, participate in the Greek system, are active in student government, and perform countless hours of community service. For many, Judaism is a vital part of their lives. For others, the social facets of Jewish life at Dartmouth are what draw them to Hillel. Hillel’s doors are open to anyone, so we encourage everyone to explore all that we have to offer.


Jews and Java
Every Wednesday from 3 to 5pm, stop by the Dartmouth College bookstore to enjoy free coffee with fellow Hillelians! It's a great time for talking, getting to know new people, and enjoying delicious drinks.

Weekly Meetings
Most importantly, we at Dartmouth Hillel will never let you go hungry. Every Monday night, we hold our weekly meetings. The Executive Board of Hillel meets first at 6pm to plan events for the term, but all are welcome to come and pitch in ideas and help organize events. After that, Hillel holds its general meetings at 7pm for all Hillel members. We always order-in something delicious from an eating establishment in town, ranging from Boloco burritos to Jewel of India to Ramunto’s pizza. Come eat, find out about Hillel happenings for the coming week, and hang out with other Hillelians.

Shabbat Services and Dinner
Every Friday night,student-led Kabbalat Shabbat services take place in the sanctuary. The service includes Hebrew and English and is tailored to the needs of all community members, including the UVJC. Hillel is not officially linked to any one denomination of Judaism, and we make a point of being pluralistic. People with new ideas are always welcome to contribute to the service; anyone who wishes to lead all or part of services or give the D’var Torah on any given Friday may do so. After Kiddush and ha’motzi, a free, student-cooked kosher dinner is served. The menu changes from week to week and from chef to chef, but the food is always kosher and always delicious. Hillel’s cooking coordinators go to great lengths to guarantee an enjoyable meal for all who come. The meals and services are always open to everyone, so come and join us, and bring your friends!

Jew Crew
Just for Freshmen! Thursday nights, the freshmen of Hillel get together to hang out, eat some more food ordered from local restaurants, and plan some of their own events. A sophomore Jew Crew advisor helps our new Hillelians get organized, sets up elections, and guides them through the process of being an organization. As the spring term rolls around, members of Jew Crew begin their transition to the general Hillel membership and to the Hillel executive and general boards. At the same time, freshmen are invited and encouraged to join the board as early as their first fall term on campus.

Bagel Brunch
No Hillel is complete without bagels! And Dartmouth Hillel is no exception to that rule. Three Sundays a term, stop by the Roth Center for your fill of bagels, cream cheese, grapes, and drinks to power you through the day. All are welcome, whether you want to grab a bagel and run to finish your homework or sit around and schmooze just a little bit more.

For Claudallah, Claudia Palmer (our "Hillel mom") graciously opens up her house for Havdallah once per term. Hillel members pile into cars and drive out to her house to eat some delicious food, play with Claudia’s golden retriever, and have a bonfire.

Challah for a Cause
Started by our lovely Community Service Coordinators, Challah for a Cause supports The Haven, the Upper Valley's main homeless shelter. One or two Thursday nights each term, volunteer-minded Hillelians gather in the kitchen to braid and bake their favorite kind of challah, which is then sold the next day.


Dedicated in 1997, the Roth Center is one of the newest buildings on campus, and serves as the hub for Jewish life at Dartmouth.

The Alperin/Hirsch Sanctuary has an electronic sliding partition running down the middle, allowing us to accommodate both larger services and smaller, more intimate ones. Student-led Friday night services and all other religious observances take place here. When the partition is closed, half of the room conveniently forms the Bildner Dining Room, where anyone can enjoy a free student-cooked kosher meal following Friday night services. This room is also used for all sorts of programming, from lectures to musical performances.

The Koreman Library is a great two-story study space with computers and hundreds of books on Israel, Jewish History, Culture, and Religion.

The Rosen Game Room has a big flat screen TV and DVD player, Playstation 3, surround sound, computers, and the comfiest couches on campus.

The Rauch Kitchen is a full Kosher kitchen available to student use, and is where Hillel's glorious Cooking Coordinator and friends prepare Shabbat dinner each week.Students of all faiths take advantage of its wonderful resources every day from 8AM until 10PM, and Hillel members can access the building 24/7. During finals period, the Roth Center is open 24 hours, providing students with a quiet place to study and always some nice snacks to munch on!


One of the most important functions of Hillel is to connect Jewish students to the land of Israel. Some of this can be accomplished by Ittai Eres' '14 weekly Israel Updates and Hebrew Lunches, by practicing Hebrew with Anat Gimburg, or by seeing one of the many great speakers we help bring to campus (Ehud Barak being one example). As much as these events can do, nothing matches the experience of actually going to Eretz Israel. For this, Hillel organizes a Birthright trip each year so that 10-20 students may spend 10 days exploring the Jewish homeland.

Alternative Spring Break (ASB)
Dartmouth Israel Spring ASB builds on Birthright by creating an intense spring encounter with a specific area and people of Israel. The Israel Spring ASB takes a select group of students to the Hof Carmel region, just outside of Haifa to a village called Kfar Galim, which has a boarding school for children of olim (immigrants) who are having difficulty adjusting to their new life in Israel. We perform community service alongside Israeli peers and learn about the history and lives of the people who live there.

Project Preservation
"And You Shall be Called the Repairer of the Breach..."
Now in its 10th year, Project Preservation is dedicated to fulfilling this beautiful vision of Isaiah read on Yom Kippur. Each year, students from both Jewish and non-Jewish backgrounds, gather in the spring term to engage in tikkun olam (to repair a broken part of the world). We commence a 10 week study of genocide, with a particular emphasis on the Shoah. 
We place particular emphasis on a particular Shtetl or Jewish community that experienced this hurban(destruction). We then journey to Auschwitz, where we reflect on the destruction of the Jewish people and all who perished there and at the same time ponder with sadness and grief the darkness and void of humanity in this space and time.The next day our journey continues to the Shtetlthat we studied. There, we restore an abandoned and neglected Jewish Cemetery by righting headstones, performing general clean up, and erecting a wrought iron fence, each panel bearing the Magen David, so that it shall never be forgotten that this is sacred ground.


President -- Ittai Eres '14
Executive VP of Programming -- Amanda Zieselman '15
VP of Membership -- Rachel Funk '15
VP of Religious Affairs -- Asher Mayerson '15
Isreal Affairs -- Axel Hufford '16
Treasurer -- Ryan Lisann '15
House Manager -- Brad Garczynski '16 and Madeline Cooper '16
Communications Chair -- Lauren Harris '16
Sustainability Coordinator -- Leehi Yona '16
Community Service Coordinator -- Elizabeth Morse '15
Cooking Coordinator -- Emma Lape '16 and Philip Mannes '16
Civic Interns -- Nicholas Parillo '15 and Michael Zloof '16


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Or come by in person at the Roth Center, right next to the Choates and Tri-Delt!
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