Management and Leadership Development Program

The Rockefeller Center's Management and Leadership Development Program (MLDP) focuses on management and leadership principles common to corporate, public, and not-for-profit sectors, enhancing participants' knowledge, experience, and competency through weekly evening sessions. These weekly sessions, led by guest speakers, cover targeted capacities related to leadership theory, including public speaking and communication, professional writing, problem solving, decision making and negotiation, analytical and critical thinking, group facilitation, cultural competency in a globalized world, and strategic planning.  Common themes to promote effective leadership in civil society by enhancing participants' communication skills, ability to inspire and empower members within an organization, and ability to build effective working relationships with business partners and colleagues unite the sessions. Each session employs a variety of techniques, including lectures, small group work, interactive role-plays, experiential learning, self-reflection, and assessment. Sessions are designed to facilitate connections with students' individual management goals and aspirations. Participants will come away with new and improved management and leadership skills, and the ability to better apply these skills to roles within campus organizations, internships, projects, and in their careers in "life after Dartmouth". Participation in MLDP offers:

  • Opportunities to learn about theoretical concepts related to management and leadership;
  • Opportunities to learn and apply management and leadership skills to internships or projects on and off campus and in and out of the classroom.
Students who successfully complete MLDP are eligible to apply to be a student assistant or student discussion leader at the Rockefeller Center, and strengthen their applications for internship or mini-grant funding through the Rockefeller Center.  Students with a higher-level of participation in MLDP as determined by the program requirements may complete "with distinction".  This distinction will be noted if applying to become a Rockefeller Leadership Fellow.  Students can apply for any term at any time during the academic year, but must note the deadlines for the end of each application cycle. Please visit for more information.

For more information, contact: Management Leadership Development Program Management.Leadership.Development.Program@DARTMOUTH.EDU
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