Dartmouth Mountaineering Club (DMC)


The Dartmouth Mountaineering Club was founded in 1936 by Jack Durrance ’36. The DMC has an outstanding record of climbs all over the world including in the Tetons, the Andes, in Alaska, and in other regions. DMC members participated in the first American ascent of Everest.

Recently, DMC members have made expeditions to Nepal and northern Canada as well.The DMC runs regular weekend climbing trips to locations in New Hampshire such as Rumney, Cannon Cliff, Cathedral, and Whitehorse, as well as to the Shawanagunks and the Adirondacks in New York. DMC members are also responsible for day-to-day operation of the Daniels Climbing Gym, located in Maxwell Dorm, providing safety monitoring, route setting, and climbing instruction.


Learn more about the Dartmouth Mountaineering Club at their own website or Blitz dmc@dartmouth.edu for more info.

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