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Dartmouth College is located within an hour’s drive of both the White Mountains of New Hampshire and the Green Mountains of Vermont. The 2,100 mile Appalachian National Scenic Trail runs straight though Hanover. Also in Hanover are a number of natural areas, such as Velvet Rocks, Balch Hill, Pine Park, and the Mink Brook Natural Area, which provide beautiful settings for walking, running, and exploring.In 1910 the DOC began to build a chain of cabins extending from Hanover to Mount Moosilauke for backcountry ski touring. By 1920 membership in the DOC had increased to the point that it was necessary to create a special division, Cabin and Trail, to concentrate on cabins and trails and to recognize the efforts of those who had worked hard on their behalf.Cabin and Trail (C&T) runs weekend hiking trips to the White Mountains, Green Mountains, the Second College Grant, and to some of the smaller mountains on Dartmouth’s trails, as well as a Spring Break trip.

Although C&T is the college’s de facto hiking club, its main emphasis is on wilderness and skills education through weekly “heeler” instruction seminars (a traditional C&T name for those learning from the more experienced students — literally, those following on the heels of those before).

C&T members learn the skills necessary to lead trips and to maintain trails, shelters, and cabins, so that they can give back to the wilderness and help ensure that it remains a treasure for generations to come.

For more information, visit the C&T wiki ( which contains information on nearby hikes and other outdoors activities.

Weekly Events

Every week, CnT leaders lead several hikes and outings to destinations as close as Velvet Rocks and as far as the Second College Grant. To learn about weekly trips, come to meetings on Mondays at 10pm in the basement of Robinson Hall.

The club also has a long-ingrained less-serious side that sponsors weekly explorations into the culture of the Upper Valley through its breakfast club, DinerToure. Informal feeds and other spontaneous events round out its schedule.

Trails and Cabins

Cabin and Trail is responsible for maintaining fifty miles of the Appalachian Trail, as well as trails on Moose Mountain, Smarts Mountain, and Mount Moosilauke. Students build and maintain trails and shelters throughout the year and each year a special crew devotes an entire summer to working on the trails and the club’s cabins.

In addition to its Appalachian Trail responsibilities, Cabin and Trail also maintains about a dozen cabins throughout northern New Hampshire. Some of these cabins may be rented by the community (go to for more information on cabins).

Woodsmen's Team

The Woodsmen's Team is a subclub of Cabin and Trail, which competes against other colleges in lumberjack and woodcraft skills. Each year Dartmouth competes against colleges from New England and Canada, and acts as host for the spring meet every three years (2009, 2012 etc.). If you're interested in learning how to throw an axe, use a cross-cut saw, chop through a tree or build a fire, blitz to get on the list and hear about our beginner friendly practices.


Learn more about Cabin and Trail at their own website or Blitz for more info.

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