Big Green Bus


This summer 13 Dartmouth students will tour the nation on the Big Green Bus to build enthusiasm for community involvement through environmental action. This is the 8th year a completely student run initiative hits the road to travel 12,000 miles across 24 states on a reused, veggie-powered Greyhound bus.This year, the bus has adopted an explicit focus on inspiring grassroots action to address environmental issues and encourage sustainability at the community level. Through collaborative community service events with local groups, the Big Green Bus hopes to foster dialogue to connect environmentalism with community involvement. By inspiring action at a local level, the bus's mission is to create a future that sustains people, the environment and the economy.As Remy Franklin, a 2012 busser, states, “We are on the bus to learn and to spread what we learn; to both inspire others andbe inspired.”The 2012 crew looks forward to meeting the thousands of people who will continue to motivate, inspire and build enthusiasm for our cause. 

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Let us know if you have any ideas for our journey and feel free to help us continue the program in future years by donating!

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