Dartmouth Outing Club (DOC)


The Dartmouth Outing Club (DOC) was originally formed in 1909 to, “stimulate interest in out-of-door winter sports”, and quickly grew to encompass the College’s year-round out-of-doors recreation. The club has undergone constant evolution over the course of its 103-year history to meet the ever-changing needs of its members.Today the club has over 1,500 student members (about a quarter of the College’s student population), and about as many non-student members, making it (to our knowledge) the largest collegiate outing club in the nation (as well as the first). The DOC organizes trips in the out-of-doors, provides outdoor leader and medical/safety education, maintains over seventy miles of the Appalachian National Scenic Trail, and is the first introduction to the College for most of the incoming students.Due to its size, the Dartmouth Outing Club is organized as an umbrella organization for about a dozen member clubs, which each specialize in an aspect of outdoor recreation. Membership in the DOC is open to all members of the Dartmouth community, and to others who share common interests, so get involved! The DOC leadership released the student-authored 'The Vision of the Dartmouth Outing Club', which outlines the benefits of the Outing Club and the need for continued student involvement and leadership.

For more information about the member clubs and about various outdoors activities in the Hanover/Upper Valley region, visit the DOC Wiki: http://doc.dartmouth.edu/wiki/Main_Page



  1. How do I reserve a DOC cabin?Call (603) 646-2834 during our business hours. More information on reserving DOC cabins is available in our cabins section.
  2. How do I reserve the cabin on Mount Moosilauke?If you mean the Moosilauke Ravine Lodge, then you probably don’t want to reserve the whole thing (though that is actually possible for very large groups — the Lodge and its bunkhouses can accomodate over eighty overnight guests). To reserve a room, call (603) 764-5858 between May and October, or (603) 646-1607 from October to May.If you mean one of the DOC cabins on Mount Moosilauke (John Rand CabinGreat Bear Cabin, or perhaps Ritchie Smith Cabin), then call (603) 646-2834 during our business hours.
  3. How do I reserve the DOC House on Occom Pond?Oddly enough, the DOC has almost no involvement with the DOC House. Call Dartmouth’s Events Office at (603) 646-2923.
  4. How do I reserve the cabin on the river?There are two cabins you might be thinking of:Tom Dent Cabin, located on the hillside above the Ledyard Canoe Club, is reserved through Collis Reservations by going to theCollis Webviewer or by calling at (603) 646-0910;Titcomb Cabin, located on Gilman Island downriver from the Ledyard Canoe Club, is rented through Ledyard itself, (603) 643-6709.
  5. How do I reserve the cabin in California?The “cabin in California” (AKA the Lake Mary Cabin, AKA the Donner Pass Cabin) is operated by an alum organization called the Dartmouth Outing Club of Northern California (DOCNC) — technically, no affiliation with the student Dartmouth Outing Club, but they’re good folk.
  6. How do I reserve a shelter on the Appalachian Trail?You can’t. Space in DOC shelters is absolutely available on a first-come, first-serve basis.Specifically, thru-hikers do not have priority over weekend or “casual” hikers. All shelter users should try to accomodate other users as much as possible, and all hikers should come prepared to sleep outside the shelter, if necessary, in an approved camping location.North of the DOC’s section, the Appalachian Trail is maintained by the Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC). Although their shelters are also first-come, first-serve, they also have huts which do take reservations: (603) 466-2727.


  1. Do you have a hunting club?Yep, Bait and Bullet, but it’s somewhat sporadic. Contact the DOC for more information.
  2. Do you have a sailing club?The sailing club is part of Dartmouth’s Athletic Office. Call (603) 646-3215 for more information.
  3. Do you have a rowing club?The rowing club is part of Dartmouth’s Athletic Office. Call (603) 646-2450 or (603) 646-3434 for more information.

Gear and Equipment

  1. Do you rent skis?You can rent cross country skis at the Dartmouth Cross Country Ski Center in the basement of the DOC House on Occom Pond. You can rent downhill skis at the Dartmouth Skiway.
  2. Do you rent sculls (the things you row in)?No, but apparently Dartmouth’s Athletic Office does. Call (603) 646-3654 for more information.


Can you recommend a good hike? 
  • Yes! We have a number of hike descriptions available online in our hiking section, and in the Dartmouth Outing Guide.You can also try calling us for other suggestions, or for advice on your plans — though it’s somewhat random if the people around at the time are hikers (that’s just one aspect of the DOC). We strongly recommend that you buy a copy of the Dartmouth Outing Guide — available at the Outdoor Programs Business Office, 119 Robinson Hall, (603) 646-2834 — it’s chock-full of all sorts of trip ideas for hiking, paddling, climbing, etc. in the greater Dartmouth region.Don’t forget that the DOC only maintains a short section of the Appalachian Trail (from Route 12 in Woodstock, Vermont, to Route 112 in Woodstock, New Hampshire (yep, both Woodstocks!), including Moose MountainSmarts MountainMount Cube, and Mount Moosilauke). If you want sugestions for hiking in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, contact the Appalachian Mountain Club, (603) 466-2725. Contact the Green Mountain Club, (802) 223-3463, for questions about hiking in Vermont. 
I’m section-hiking from/to Hanover. Where can I park my car?
  • You can park your car in A-Lot. From the Hanover Green, go east on East Wheelock Street, through the lights across NH Route 120 (when they’re green, of course), then after about a quarter mile turn left where a small sign says “A-Lot”. You then must call Dartmouth’s Parking Operations Office at (603) 646-2204 and leave a message on their answering machine with your vehicle’s make, color, plate number, where you parked (A-Lot), and the dates you expect to be there.
Can I get a ride from Hanover to a trailhead?
  • The DOC does not provide a shuttle service for hikers.
What fraternities are taking in thru-hikers?
  • A number of student houses used to take in thru-hikers (against College policy), but an “unfortunate incident” caused the houses to close their doors to thru-hikers. Besides the $200+/night Hanover Inn, the closest/cheapest lodging is the Sunset Motor Inn two miles south of Hanover.
Where can I camp on the DOC section of the AT?
  • South of Mount Moosilauke, most of the AT winds its way through private lands, so camping is not permitted except at shelter sites. At shelter sites (and in general), try to camp where it’s obvious someone has camped before so as to minimize/contain impact. If you’ve walked past an AT Corridor marker (a white placard on a tree) you’ve wandered onto private property. On Mount Moosilauke, which is owned mostly by Dartmouth College and the U.S. Forest Service, camping is permitted away from shelters but only in the vicinity of the Appalachian Trail. Camp out of sight of the trail and in areas where the trees are at least eight feet tall. Camping is not permitted in the Gorge Brook and Baker River valleys as Dartmouth has designated these areas as protected wilderness. The north side of Moosilauke is all National Forest Service land.


113 Robinson Hall  
(603) 646-2429  

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