Dartmouth College Marching Band


The Dartmouth College Marching Band is an integral part of many Dartmouth sporting events. In the fall, we open every home football game with a parade through Hanover, concerts at alumni events, a show on the field, the national anthem, and the Alma Mater. During games we keep the crowd lively by playing tunes in the stands, and go on the field again at halftime to dance, play, run around and make fun of the other team. After the game, if Dartmouth wins... you never know where you might find us! In the winter, we continue to play at basketball and hockey games as the Pep Band.

Check us out at http://dcmb.dartmouth.edu/ !


Anyone can join! Whether the last time you played an instrument was yesterday or high school, and even if you don't play an instrument at all, there's a place for you in the DCMB.

For questions, comments, expressions of admiration, or "M" jokes, send a blitz to DartmouthCollegeMarchingBand@dartmouth.edu, or TheOnlyBandintheIvyLeague@dartmouth.edu (it's okay, you'll understand when you're older).

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