Arts Ambassadors

WHAT is the Arts Ambassadors?

The Arts Ambassadors is a Hopkins Center Student Organization at Dartmouth College. We work together to increase student involvement in the ARTS at HOP, we keep people up-to-date with the HOP programming, we want artists to have dinner with YOU, and we make your dream come true by helping you create your own ART!!!

WHO are the members?

We have a group of the most amazing people on campus! They might be your roommate, your sorority sisters, fraternity brothers, your DOC trippees, a girl who's got a terrific star's name, a guy who's survived the earthquake... 
We are the supercalifragilistic people who crazily LOVE the ARTS as much as we do to Dartmouth!!!

HOW do we work?

We have a non-drinking PARTY every Wednesday at the most artistic castle at Dartmouth. At the 'party', we will discuss current events on campus and HOP, discuss progress made on projects and dream up new ideas to promote ARTS. At the same time, we will create student teams to promote ARTS by making our own ART. You will be more excited than ever because you can create WHATEVER YOU WANT!!!

Last updated on Apr 13 by Jason A. Laster