Eating Disorder Peer Advisors (EDPA)

Eating Disorder Peer Advisors serve as a campus resource to those students with concerns about themselves or friends regarding eating disorders, disordered eating/exercise, or nutrition. EDPA’s have been trained to provide advice, information, referrals and support to their fellow students with eating disorders or disordered eating. EDPA is a peer advising group sponsored by Dartmouth College's Health Promotion Department (in Dick's House).


The philosophy of the EDPA program is based upon the following Shared Beliefs and Values:
  1. Talking to someone about their eating disorder can make a difference in their life
  2. An Eating Disorder can happen to anyone
  3. There is not one universal cause of an Eating Disorder
  4. Eating Disorders are not about food
  5. Self-care is not an Eating Disorder
  6. No food is “good” or “bad”
  7. Dieting does not work
  8. A person’s size does not determine their health
  9. Limited representation of different body types in the media impacts the body image of many individuals, which in turn may impact eating behaviors


EDPA training consists of students participating in a comprehensive training covering varied topics ranging from the physical and psychological impacts to the roles media and socialization play regarding eating disorders. Emphasis is placed on listening and advising skills so that students will be adequately prepared to serve as a resource and referral point for their peers. (See a copy of the job description.)
If you are interested in applying for EDPA training in the Winter (2012) Term, download the EDPA Application (44KB MS Word Document), complete both pages and submit it to Kari Jo Grant via email by 4pm on Wednesday, November 30, 2011. Winter training will take place during the 10A class period, beginning Thursday, January 5th and ending Thursday, March 1st. The next EDPA training will take place during the Summer Term 2012. The same schedule will follow for 2012-2013 (Winter & Summer training.) If you are interested in participating in a future training, please blitz “EDPA” and we will place your name on an interest list.Trained EDPA's who wish to serve as an active peer resource post biographical and contact information on the EDPA Blitz Bulletin. All interactions with EDPA's are considered private and are intended to help students help themselves. EDPA's are required to report contacts with students who seek their guidance using the EDPA Contact Report form (MS Word document, 44 KB). The form should be filled out completely and sent to the EDPA email account. For more information, contact


EDPAs are involved in planning a number of programming events to raise awareness on campus about eating disorders or disordered eating/exercising.We also plan events to promote healthy eating, exercise, and body image acceptance. A few examples of programs that EDPAs are involved with are: Love Your Body Day, Eating Disorders Screening Day, National Eating Disorder Awareness Week,Difficult Discussions: How to Approach a Friend with Eating/Exercise Concerns and No Diet Day.Contact Us

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