War & Peace Fellows

The War and Peace Studies Fellows Program brings students together from across the disciplines – the sciences, social sciences and humanities – to engage in an ongoing discussion of the social, political, moral and technological dimensions of international conflict and cooperation.

Each year the Fellows help organize a series of events on campus, including presentations by internationally renowned experts,movies that bear on topics related to war and peace, and discussions with Dartmouth faculty.  The Fellows help select the topics, speakers,and films, and they are invited to meet with the speakers in small groups after the public events.  In Winter 2009, the War & Peace Studies Program brought to Dartmouth a series of talks and events entitled "The Rise of China." Lecturers included Edward Steinfeld, Associate Professor of the Department of Political Science at MIT and Minxin Pei, Senior Associate in the China Program at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. Both guests spoke on issues related to China's economics.

In the Spring, the student fellows spend a weekend in Washington, D.C. with Professor Daryl Press, War & Peace Studies Coordinator, meeting with elected officials, senior officials in the executive branch of the U.S. government, and political activists working for a variety of non-governmental organizations.

The War and Peace Studies Program invites applications from prospective Fellows each Spring and Fall.  Fellows are expected to participate in scheduled events in at least two of the three terms (fall, winter, spring) of 2012-13.  Ordinarily, Fellows must be enrolled at Dartmouth during those two terms, although applications from students who will continue to be around campus in one off-term will be considered. 

The Spring 2012 deadline is May 11th. Fellows are initially appointed for a single year, but are typically reappointed for additional years.  In the Fall term we welcome applications from enthusiastic sophomores, juniors and seniors; incoming first year students are encouraged to attend public events during Spring 2012.

Click here to access the application form. 
Please direct questions about the Fellows program to Victoria Hicks or Daryl Press.

Designed to inspire the Dartmouth community to think critically about war, arms control and disarmament, collective violence and strategies for the resolution of conflict, the War and Peace Studies Program offers a course, a Fellows program and public events on significant disputes of the day.

The course, “War and Peace in the Modern Age” stresses the study of both the global state system as well as the human condition as essential to understanding the phenomenon of collective violence.War and Peace Fellows are selected competitively from all the disciplines of the College and meet regularly for discussions with invited specialists. As with the course, the aim is to stress both the systemic and personal consequences of war and sources of peace. During annual visits to Washington, DC, the fellows have participated in war game simulations, attended State Department briefings, toured the Pentagon and war memorials, and met with alumni working in professions relevant to conflict and conflict resolution.Public panels have covered diverse and controversial issues. These have included nuclear proliferation, the rise of China, conflict prevention, transnational crime, citizen responsibilities in wartime, refugees, post-traumatic stress disorder, the use of torture, and U.S. policy in Iraq. The aim of these public programs is to spark open dialogue embracing a variety of view points on the major conflicts of our time.Click here to learn more about the War and Peace Fellows Program. 

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