Great Issues Scholars

Make something of your first year at Dartmouth, be a Great Issues Scholar!Great Issues Scholars spend their first year on campus exploring some of the most vital international issues of the day—the causes of global conflict and the struggle for peace; environmental impacts of climate change; global health and development… Together, these issues round out a year-long series of events aimed at enhancing one’s understanding of the world and the many challenges we face.Interested students must apply to the program. Selected students are expected to attend at minimum of twelve (12) Great Issues Scholars events over the course of the year (3-5 events per term). Students are eligible for the program only their freshman year

Application deadline: Monday, September 26th by midnight (click HERE for application)
Email notification of selection status: Friday, September 30th
Welcome Reception for 2011-2012 Scholars: Wednesday, October 5th, 4pm
Great Issues Scholars Event & Retreat schedule to be shared with selected students.

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