The Dartmouth Aires are Dartmouth College's oldest a cappella group and one of the nation's premiere performing ensembles. We are most well known for coming in second place on NBC's a cappella extravaganza, The Sing-Off!

       We have been singing live, producing albums, and touring the country since our founding in 1946. This year we released our newest album, Fresh Aire, and we will continue to perform shows throughout New England and beyond! Our vast repertoire features a mix of contemporary favorites, traditional Dartmouth tunes, Sing-Off hits, sketch comedy, and the occasional piece of opera, guaranteed to please all ages.


Check out The Dartmouth Aires YouTube Channel to hear some of our newest songs, follow us on Twitter to keep updated on performances and shows, and listen to our most recent album on our Facebook fan page!


If you have any questions or would like to hire the Aires for a show, feel free to contact us at!

For other information, including our show schedule, visit our website at!


Our Members!

Will "Primo" Lowry '13 - Music Director
Danny "Elmo" Freeman '13 - Business Manager
Clark "Gelo" Moore '13 - Social Chair
Max "Romo" Gottschall '15 - Alumni Chair

Nic "Falco" Chuaqui '12
Will "Brando" Hart '12
Henry "Tyco" Luerhman '12
Michael "Nemo" Odokara-Okigbo '12
Ethan "Merlo" Weinberg '12

Robbie "Otto" Hoffman '13

Nate "Zippo" Davis '14
Xavier "Dymo" Curry '14
Joseph "Ringo" Singh '14
Preston "Cato" Suan '14

Chris "Duplo" Pullerits '15
Romen "Leo" Mookerjee '15
Alex "Kango" Velaise '15
Nick "Nitro" Cunha '15
Chris "Fredo" Gallerani '15

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