Women in Business

The specific purposes and objectives of the Women in Business Organization are to increase awareness of business in the Dartmouth community by supporting, educating, and creating a network of Dartmouth women and alumni.

Contact Us

Email: <login to see email address>
Website: http://www.dartmouth.edu/~wib/


  • President: Grace Ma

  • Vice Presidents: Angela Gu and Shayn Jiang 
  • Treasurer: Jennifer Jin
  • Campus Relations: Amy Chang
  • Corporate Relations: Jasmine Xu and Jackie Wei
  • Tuck Mentoring Chair: Claire Yao and Madison Warren
  • Programs Director: Christine Mozer and Amy Yang
  • Alumni/Undergrad Relations: Danielle Kimball
  • Website Chair: Kathy Dong 
  • Lean-In Circle Chairs: Shweta Raghu and Addison Lee


Women in Business holds open weekly meetings on Mondays from 6:00-7:00 PM in Collis 101. 
All are welcome and encouraged to attend!


The Women in Business Organization hosts campus-wide events throughout the school year, open to all students who are interested. Keep a look out for e-mails regarding the specifics of each event!
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