AfriCaSo (African and Caribbean Students Organization) is an organization at Dartmouth College whose membership includes primarily students of African and Caribbean heritage as well as any students interested in these cultures. AfriCaso is dedicated to maintaining cultural ties and increasing awareness of those issues related to Africa and the Caribbean. Africaso achieves these goals through annual cultural and awareness programming.

AfriCaso's Signature Events

AfriCaso has traditionally put together certain programs annually as trademark events of the organization. In the past AfriCaso organized a cultural dinner event annually. This program has not been reproduced in the last couple of years but recently AfriCaso has taken up a cultural program - Limin' Wit AfriCaSo, that we intend to recreate and enhance from year to year. "Limin'" is a Trinidadian slang for 'hanging out.' Thus a "Limin'" event is one in which friends get together to enjoy one anothers company, whether with food, music, drink, and dancing. AfriCaSo's Limin' event is meant to showcase African and Caribbean culture, enabling the larger Dartmouth Community to enjoy these enthnic traditions in the company of their fellow students. The program line-up for Limin' typically includes fashion exposees, African and Caribbean buffets, and traditional dance and music.

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Chioma Ajoku '06
Lennel Assan '07



 Charlise Washington '06  

Loni Ajagbe '08



Jessica A. Harris '07  


Publicity Chair
Cresandra Corbin '08

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