ae-gis (`e-jus) n 

    1. The Award Winning Dartmouth College Yearbook
    2. In Greek mythology, a shield or breastplate emblematic of majesty that was originally associated  chiefly with Zeus but later mainly with Athena.
    3. Protection (under the ~ of...)
    4. Sponsorship; auspices (under the ~ of...)

Mission Statement
The Aegis exists at Dartmouth College because it is strongly felt that there is a need for a pictorial account of life on the Hanover Plain. The Aegis shall not be grandiloquent, but the effort is to be made to capture a bit of the splendor, the agony, the triumph, the discouragement --- the green grass, the white snow, the brown mud, and the uniqueness of personage who find in it all something to carry away. As a piece of worthy public relations and proud memorabilia, The Aegis is a valuable and concrete record of a year on campus. And thus it is that The Aegis helps to save a bit of what Dartmouth is every year. The Aegis occupies a position of traditional luxury, and Dartmouth College has none other quite like it.
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