Sugarplum is a contemporary dance group with an emphasis on ballet fundamentals. We strive to reach a diverse set of audiences and to bring something new to each performance. Check out our next show and get some sugar in your life!


Samantha Goncalvez '21 (co-director)
Connie Huang '21
Amanda Jiang '21
Ashlyn Morris '21 (co-director)
Jessica Weil '21 (co-director)

Rachel Ackerman '22
May Fahrenthold '22
Pam Pitakanonda '22
Katie Smith '22
Sarah Wen '22
Kamila Zakowicz '22

Sam Brant '23
Brie Entwistle '23
Lona Girardin '23
Emily Hester '23
Rachel Hsu '23
Becca Russell '23
Bella Sicker '23

Ainsley Carter '24
Monique Cummings '24
Emily Gao '24
Hanna Hong '24
Rebecca Liu '24
Claire Schmidt '24


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